Copper State Hunting Retriever Club

Dedicated to preserving the hunting instincts of retrievers

Training Info
Training Days The Copper State Hunting Retriever Club (CSHRC) holds regularly scheduled training days that allows members to get together in an informal setting and work their dogs.  Working your retriever in a group environment can be a rewarding experience in several ways.  Groups offer the advantage of a shared learning environment for the participants, as they are able to compare methods and results, and have the opportunity to learn from one another.  Moreover, watching someone else’s dog respond to various situations helps you to more effectively communicate with your own dog when training problems arise.  In addition to the many training benefits and development opportunities, these training days are also fun, family-oriented, social activities where you and your dog have the chance to spend time with others who have similar interests. CSHRC has many experienced trainers and handlers and wants your training day to be a rewarding experience.  In order to give you the best experience possible, one or more members have volunteered to answer questions and/or demonstrate training techniques.  While we may not know everything, we will do whatever we can to help.  Keep in mind that the advice given or the techniques demonstrated are not the only ways to train your dog. You are urged to read retriever training books, watch videos, and talk with other people who have trained dogs for FIELD, OBEDIENCE, or TRACKING in order to develop a program that is right for you and your dog.  Not all dogs respond to training techniques in exactly the same way.  Be patient; it takes time to have a well trained dog. Enjoy the experience of training your dog to do what he was bred for.   Our goal is to have everyone involved in the activities of the Club.  We all need help and by working together we can all succeed.  Remember, this is a great activity for the whole family and young handlers are always welcome.   NOW LET’S GET OUR BEST FRIEND AND HAVE SOME FUN! Training Areas • Robbins Butte or Powers Butte Wildlife areas (Winter) • Northern Arizona (Summer)  - Areas are determined by available water, but are typically in the Stoneman Lake area